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Winter wonders

08.12.16 The ever-changing Dumfries and Galloway weather keeps us on our toes here – oddly warm and sunny one minute, freezing cold with snow on the hills the next. The solar panels don’t know what to do… mind you, they … Continue reading

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McMurdoston’s back!

02.11.2016 Wonderful news – our adopted whooper swan McMurdoston is back at Caerlaverock for his Winter sojourn. I saw a group of about 10 whoopers flying over this evening and checked the website. Just the excuse we need for another … Continue reading

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Raptors galore

07.10.16 After a very busy few weeks here at McMurdoston, we decided to do some further exploring locally in a bid both to relax and to learn. It paid off massively – what’s more the weather has been incredibly  sunny and … Continue reading

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28.09.16 Apologies to anyone who has been trying to get in touch with us via our website’s Contact page. It turns out that it broke and I failed to notice. Please get in touch via the usual numbers/email addresses.

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Sticklebacks and spy-cams

09.08.16 Well, the couple of sticklebacks which Steve put into the pond have turned into several large flotillas. So far no major predators appear to have cottoned-on to their presence but we’ve been aware of herons flying over in pterodactyl-like style and … Continue reading

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May mowing marathon

31.05.16 It’s the last day of May already and – as often seems to happen here – the late Spring has brought amazing weather. Along with lengthening hours of sunshine has come a vast and rapid growth… of grass in particular. … Continue reading

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Loch McMurdoston

29.04.16 For some time now Steve has been planning to install a larger pond at McMurdoston, mainly on the pretext of attracting swallows to dip in it. After a great deal of barrowing, shovelling, huffing and puffing on behalf of … Continue reading

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06.04.16 About this time of year I am usually writing the same rather predictable stuff, celebrating the arrival of avian visitors from overseas. For once it seems I have got in early, so I can tell you simply that we … Continue reading

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Garden bird watch 2016

01.02.16 Fortunately today’s high winds held off long enough that yesterday’s RSPB bird count was feasible – anything flying today was moving so fast it was virtually impossible to identify! Anyway, without further ado, here is McMurdoston’s list:- Chaffinch – 45, … Continue reading

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18.01.16 Sorry, but I’ve just got to brag about this one… Steve and I had something to do in Dumfries last week and parked on the Whitesands in the middle of the town. We did what we had to do … Continue reading

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