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Directions to McMurdoston

Directions to McMurdoston

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Coming from the South

Take the A76 North from Dumfries for just under 5 miles. Keep an eye out for a sign to Irongray and shortly after this turn left at the sign for Merkland  following the lane gently uphill for a mile and a half. You’ll pass a white farmhouse called Milliganton on your right, then two cottages on the left called Stonybrook and Monkland (sometimes sat navs stop you here but keep going…). Look out for the drive up into McCubbington Farm on your left and immediately take a sharp right where you’ll see a sign in the hedge in front of you for McMurdoston House. Look to your right for signs saying McMurdoston, Swift and Swallow Cottage at the top of our drive (if you reach The Dinning cottage on your left you have gone slightly too far) and go a hundred yards down to where you take the right fork between  two conifers at the black metal gate.

Coming from the North

Take the A76 South from Thornhill for about 5 miles to Auldgirth. Turn right and follow signs to Dunscore for just over a mile. When you see the postbox at the staggered crossroads go straight ahead and climb uphill for just over half a mile. Ignore a track off to the right saying Springhill and another to the left signed for McCheynston Farm. Keep going up the hill and turn a sharp right-angle corner with a white cottage (called The Dinning) on your right. Now look out for the signs at the top of our drive saying McMurdoston, Swift and Swallow Cottages, and turn left to drive down between the two conifers at the black metal gate.

  • self-catering guests – follow the drive from the black gate and keep left of the white pillars, leading you into the main courtyard. Parking for Swift Cottage is to the left, in front of the long barn, and parking for Swallow Cottage is directly ahead of you, in front of the black gate which we rarely use. If in doubt just knock on the door of the main house and we’ll advise you.