Loch McMurdoston


For some time now Steve has been planning to install a larger pond at McMurdoston, mainly on the pretext of attracting swallows to dip in it.


After a great deal of barrowing, shovelling, huffing and puffing on behalf of the pair of us and several helpers, the ‘pond’ is now complete. My reaction is a bit like Tabs’ in the picture… “good grief – call that a pond?!” My cunning plan is secretly to re-route the solar panels and convert it into a heated swimming pool!

Having said that, however, the swallows, house martins and – surprisingly – sand martins are all hurtling over it at speed as I write. I may have to fight off the wildlife if I’m ever to get my dip.

We have tadpoles in the small pond (I mean puddle), I saw a wheatear up the lane this morning and heard a blackcap in the trees at the top of the drive an hour ago. The stichwort is starting to appear with the dog violets in the hedgerows and the blackthorn is in full frothy bloom. Despite there being snow on the top of the Lowthers it’s a beautiful sunny evening and we have happy Dutch guests in Swallow Cottage eating the gorgeous trout they caught today at Alderneuk Fishery.