Raptors galore


After a very busy few weeks here at McMurdoston, we decided to do some further exploring locally in a bid both to relax and to learn. It paid off massively – what’s more the weather has been incredibly  sunny and warm.

A climb up to the top of the ridge opposite us brought excellent sightings of goshawk and peregrine. A scenic drive up to the top of the Scaur Water meant that we were able to watch a female hen harrier hunting for a good 5 minutes and then see a merlin dashing off into the distance. Yesterday’s trip to Loch Ken gave us innumerable fly-pasts by red kite and 3 great views of red squirrels. Oh – and earlier in the week we drove over to Eskdalemuir to the Samye Ling Tibetan Monastery, where the sensation of calm and serenity is almost good enough to taste. On the way back we visited the Lockerbie memorial to the terrible Pan Am 103 disaster – sombre, moving, thought-provoking.



However, of all the sightings this week so far, I have to say that the above was my favourite (obviously): a herd of Galloway Belties in their element, grazing happily on the beautiful banks of the River Scaur.