They’re back!


At long last the swifts are back. For a week or so now they’ve been screaming at full pitch as they swoop across the yard and glide into their nests in the eaves of the old barn. When it’s really quiet at McMurdoston you can hear their wing-beats as they dive above your head – rather like the sound of a boomerang as it slices through the air.

It’s been perfect cycling weather here this month and we have a family of four in Swallow Cottage currently who have all brought bikes with them. Steve and I cycled down to Cowhill open garden last week and were inspired to buy another couple of rhododendrons for the garden here. We were also impressed by a beautiful Pocket Handkerchief tree in full bloom, but decided we might not have the horticultural expertise to keep one perfectly laundered!

Anyone keen on cycling, whether it be mountain biking, gentle pottering on quiet routes or extreme endurance racing, should have a look at the Facebook page for Ae Forest Bike Shop and Cafe You can find out about events coming up, get your bike serviced or see what cakes they’re serving as sustenance after a long ride. Ae Forest has tracks for all grades of rider and is less than half an hour’s drive from McMurdoston. Mind you, the roads round us are also ideal for cyclists, offering as much of a challenge as you choose and with very little traffic. We also have secure bike storage if you need it.