Blooming beautiful


The lanes are frothing over with cow parsley, and all sorts of lovely spring flowers are peeping their delightful little faces out from amongst it. I picked a selection to try and identify them and thought it was a waste not to take a picture as well.

Wild flowers

Wild flowers

In so far as my amateur research goes I believe these to be:- cow parsley, campion, buttercup, bistort, ribwort, stitchwort, germander speedwell, pink purslane, tufted vetch, herb robert and wood avens. Beautiful!

Next weekend, on June 14th, the 16th International World Peace Festival is being held just down the road at Allanton World Peace Sanctuary. This event celebrates the wonderful cultural diversity of humanity with a flag ceremony which all attendees are invited to join in. Allanton is the European headquarters of the World Peace Prayer Society, a non-governmental organisation which aims to heighten peace-awareness through every sector of society, transcending barriers of race, religion and political belief. Have a look at their website for further information on a fascinating and worthwhile organisation: