June 2013


It’s been a busy few months here at McMurdoston. The building works are going well, despite a difficult start in March’s horrendous weather. Now early Summer has definitely arrived – very late but very welcome – and the progress we’ve made on the barn conversion is clear to see. We haven’t set a date for completion as we feel this would be tempting fate but will keep you posted via the Blog.

The main bird news is that we have Swallows, Swifts and House Martins all nesting on and around the house. Steve is beside himself with joy. I am almost as excited by the amount of blossom on the apple trees, the reappearance of clouds of Cow Parsley and Campion in the lanes and the fact that my Yellow Rattle (sewn in the soon-to-be-wild-flower-meadow) appears to be working its magic. Apparently it is semi-parasitic to grass, which sounds somewhat scary but useful in terms of making wild flowers more welcome.

The freezer is full of Steve’s lovely trout and I have several jars of jelly made in March from the apples I stored over Winter. Guests from all over the world have continued to join us here (our first American made it yesterday) and remind us how lucky we are to have found such a peaceful place.