The sun has got his hat on…


The clocks go forward tonight and here at McMurdoston there are all sorts of encouraging signs that Spring really has arrived. The primroses are starting to flower, with the odd cowslip leaf also in evidence, and we were delighted to find some frogspawn in the little pond, being guarded surreptitiously by what we presume is its creator. There are cavorting lambs up the hill – this year sporting unusual orange plastic macs – and spindly calves in the next field. The tree sparrows are staking their claims on many of the 31 nest boxes and the tree-creepers and pied wagtails have reappeared from their Winter hideaways. The house sparrows are doing their best to recycle last year’s house martins’ nests… there could be war in a few weeks’ time.  Now we’re preparing to keep our eyes peeled for swallows and swifts, not to mention listening out carefully for chiffchaffs and cuckoos.

Oh – and for any of you sceptics out there… over the next few days we’re having solar panels installed in the garden. Yes – the sun does indeed shine in Scotland! I’m that confident I’ve even dug over a veggie plot and planted some lettuce and beetroot. We had to build a fence to keep the deer out mind you but I’ll keep you posted as to my horticultural success – rabbits/hares/deer/pheasants notwithstanding! – and also as to our kilowatt production.

Lang may yer lum reek.