Steve’s been busy…


… as you can see. Eight superb new homes are now ready for whoever gets there first, and  there’s a refurbished one just perfect for the smaller visitor. With luck this will solve the local housing shortage, particularly among the tree sparrow population. We are so lucky to have them here in increasing numbers and Steve’s doing his utmost to  keep them happy and accommodated.



Other important news from McMurdoston is that we have a new cat. She’s a little grey beauty called Sheba, rescued when her owner sadly died unexpectedly. Zeus and Sheba spent today trailing me in the garden, the former shyly delighted to have a new friend, the latter apparently attempting to work out  just what the soppy ginger and white moggy’s thought-processes are… good luck with that Sheba!

Local sightings of red kite continue and today we saw a yellowhammer and a brambling under the bird feeder. Oh – and the sight of snow on the tops of the Lowther Hills in the distance also made me grin stupidly, especially with the sky as blue as it was for a while today.