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The new Auldgirth Inn

18.11.17 A couple of weeks ago the newly refurbished Auldgirth Inn opened its doors to the excited population of Dumfries and Galloway. Steve continued to visit the bar he and his friends enjoy there and met the new staff and … Continue reading

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September swarm

20.9.17 My last post bemoaned the small number of swallows and house martins we were seeing at the time. As hoped, this situation changed and we did end up with our fair share of these delightful guests. As ever, though, … Continue reading

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June update

06.06.17 I’ve been bad at keeping up to date with this blog, partly because I don’t want to repeat what I’ve written for the past few years. When you’re logging wildlife and its wonderful happenings things can become somewhat repetitive … Continue reading

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Preparing for new guests

30.03.17 Well… as I write, Steve is up a scaffold knocking holes into the side of the barn.We had some repairs to do on one of the old buildings which form our ‘steading’ and decided that while we had the … Continue reading

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Steve’s been busy…

7.02.17 … as you can see. Eight superb new homes are now ready for whoever gets there first, and  there’s a refurbished one just perfect for the smaller visitor. With luck this will solve the local housing shortage, particularly among the … Continue reading

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Happy 2017

4.01.17 What a great start to the year! Crystal-clear sunshine spotlighted a goshawk today at Caerlaverock, a pair of red kite are now regular visitors over our field, McMurdoston the handsome whooper swan has found a mate,  the (surprisingly entertaining) … Continue reading

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Winter wonders

08.12.16 The ever-changing Dumfries and Galloway weather keeps us on our toes here – oddly warm and sunny one minute, freezing cold with snow on the hills the next. The solar panels don’t know what to do… mind you, they … Continue reading

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McMurdoston’s back!

02.11.2016 Wonderful news – our adopted whooper swan McMurdoston is back at Caerlaverock for his Winter sojourn. I saw a group of about 10 whoopers flying over this evening and checked the website. Just the excuse we need for another … Continue reading

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Raptors galore

07.10.16 After a very busy few weeks here at McMurdoston, we decided to do some further exploring locally in a bid both to relax and to learn. It paid off massively – what’s more the weather has been incredibly  sunny and … Continue reading

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28.09.16 Apologies to anyone who has been trying to get in touch with us via our website’s Contact page. It turns out that it broke and I failed to notice. Please get in touch via the usual numbers/email addresses.

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